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The Pier Jazz Fourtet are an Italian jazz band formed in Fabriano, Marche, in 2017. The band consists of Pier Chiaraluce (double bass) Mauro Cimarra (drums) Leonardo Francesconi (piano and keyboards) and Giammarco Polini (electric-classic-manouche guitar). The Pier Jazz Fourtet was formed after several years of gigs in which the members used to play together. Imaginary Geographies is the debout album of The Pier Jazz Fourtet. It has been recorded at Nufabric Studio, Fermo, Marche, by Daniele Jack Rossi, edited mixed and mastered by Daniele Jack Rossi in summer 2019. Roberto Piermartire on flugelhorn Antonino De Luca on accordion and Massimo Gerini on vocals has taken part to the recordings as guests. All the tracks were composed by Pier Chiaraluce and arranged by The Pier Jazz Fourtet except Queen which is a song by Melvins rearranged by The Pier Jazz Fourtet. Each composition is a unique scenario or has its own “geoghraphical collocation”. Tracks sound very original such as the sound of the band which actually become a 5et or a combo in some of the tracks.

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Jul 10th 2021

Caldarola MC
Divento Festival

Jul 4th 2021

Civitanova Marche MC
Piazza Conchiglia Summer

Dec 5th 2020

Reggio Emilia RE

Aug 28th 2020

Fabriano AN

Jan 31th 2020

Macerata MC
Macerata Jazz Festival

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